From the Top Down

It has been quite some time since I last wrote, and even longer since my last foray out of the city and into the Asian continent (an adventure that will merit it's own post). I’ve entertained some aspirations about keeping these writings current; posting thoughts and observations weekly about this strange world and the place we occupy in it. But to be honest, I am a total failure as an archivist, and I struggle so much to properly fulfill my physiological needs (eating, sleeping etc) with consistency that sitting down to write on a schedule seems impossibly hard.

However, do not believe that just because I cannot find the time to record my escapades, I am too busy to have them. Let me share a few amusing ones:

  1. Last week I was asked by a student in one of my younger English classes to explain what a Policeman does. First I tried ‘he helps people and catches criminals.’ When this didn’t work I tried ‘they stand on the street and steal money from people.’ Everyone understood immediately.

  2. I spent an afternoon with a man who told me: don’t ever do business with somebody who has enough time to call you back. Incidentally, he never called me back.

  3. I hired a Vietnamese assistant who is arguably more qualified than I am but cannot find work in her own country. She is acting as a middle-(wo)man between me and the majority of the 10 million occupants in this city who don’t speak English and has so far helped me fix up an old motorcycle for sale, print business cards, and research the ESL market.

Otherwise life is following its typically hectic and consistent path. As we look at 2015 from the top down, I’m not writing enough, continuing to learn about coffee, trying to rock-climb often, and am beginning to make some tentative and unorthodox career plans for the coming year. In March I will be travelling to Cambodia to do some diving & motorcycle touring, and then, finally I will return to North America to visit family and friends! As always, I am still embroiled in too many personal projects and frequently become overwhelmed by my desires to see them all through.

I also think about my cousin and his wife & child often, and the catastrophic, tumultuous and terrifying hurricane of love and hope and illness and pain they are embroiled in. I suspect that visceral experience, no matter how awful, breeds wisdom, and I know that they will come out stronger and wiser for it. Most importantly I hope for happiness and success for all three of them.