Someplace else

I've been struggling lately with a yearning to be someplace else; a funny thing, because I am someplace else. That quiet but persistent tapping on my shoulder took me to Southeast Asia: the land of paradise, with tropical surf and oceans and exciting culture beautiful smiling short people.

But I never made it to to beach break. I found the tropical paradise, but real life interceded and I was hungry and tired from the long bus ride and I fought with my girl and I stubbed my toe and woke up feeling sick from the semi-cooked street meat and became frustrated when I couldn't speak the language and I just wanted a clean bed.

All of the photos lied and said I was having an unsullied adventure; a collage of beautiful sunsets, exotic food and mountain summits.

But between the sunsets were nights sleeping on wood floors in strange cities and days spent trying to get un-lost. The food was bad when it wasn't good; before the summit came the climb.

When all details are shed, what matters is tenacity of patience and faith during our lowest points, for dispirited exertion is the chimerical twin of triumph.

Not all is as it seems.