Hello! This project has ended, but you can view an archive of each of the emails at the links below. If you'd like more like this, check out The Night Letters.

A Walk in CDMX is an experimental pop-up newsletter: part travelogue, part photo-documentary, part exposition, describing a 5-day walkabout in Mexico City, propelled by curiosity and fuelled by tortillas, tortes, churros, and other such delights.

Delivery begins March 3rd and ends on March 21st. Each day, you will receive a single email containing one image and a short paragraph (less than 200 words) — quick, bite-sized, and easy-to-consume. After the final edition on March 24th, the email list will be deleted forever.

In a recent edition of The Night Letters, I described this project in more detail:

Each capsule of words and photos is not chosen from a large bank of available material in order to construct a particular narrative, but rather, chosen by virtue of its very existence. Put another way, each of the moments that naturally captured my attention or lodged themselves in memory were included — and what emerged from this process was a narrative that composed itself; a meritocratic vision of place more accidental than intentional, but probably also more honest.

I hope you'll enjoy these as much as I do,


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