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Food is everything

Why is food so important?

Cooking, My Stupid Soul-Mate

A strange lover letter

Wine, Pizza, Bad Hotdogs

Observations from 36 hours in Brooklyn

The Ghost of Steve

San Fransisco in 72 hours

An Invitation, a Secret Society

I’d like to invite you to join me in newsletter-dom. This will not be your average newsletter. It will be about creative process and exper
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Night Letters

Holy Days

Moroccan camels, the power of travel, childishness and wonder.

Drumming in a Houseboat Basement

Psych Rock, AI & Drama in Art, Richard Avendon

Milano, Milanese, Tartufo

Email #016 of The Night Letters: pilgrimage to the Italian countryside, art walks, rodents and white truffles

Bye Bye, 2023

Email #015 of The Night Letters: A look-back and a book review


Email #014 of the The Night Letters: Southern Etymology, AI Chickens, the Westvleteren 12
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