Pyrite Paradise

I am sitting in the slanting light of an Indonesian dawn, in a quiet stillness that will soon be broken by the bizarre and raucous explosion »


In reading of late, I've been running into the concept of the 'seeker'. He keeps popping up, this chaser of things; always roving from one corner »

4 Days In

I've been at this hostel on the southwest coast of Bali for four days now, sipping oily black espresso off a gas stove and surviving on »


“Do you know how to get to Khao San?” Before I was even finished, the shame began to sink in, for the ultimate triumph in any »


Here is sit, typing away in a tube of metal and glass 12,226 meters above the ground. As I hurtle towards the Eastern continent, it »

The Caves

You will be wet and uncomfortable for two days. The preparatory speech was short and savagely uninspiring, its conclusion hanging in the air like a cold »


There's this feeling in the city... That the jungle is just barely contained; like if given the chance, it would erupt and crack the thin pavement; »

Someplace else

I've been struggling lately with a yearning to be someplace else; a funny thing, because I am someplace else. That quiet but persistent tapping on my »


I have always been interested in “things.” Some would call the particular affliction ‘gear-head,’ some would call it fetishism, some would call simply call it obsessive. »

From the Top Down

It has been quite some time since I last wrote, and even longer since my last foray out of the city and into the Asian continent »

A Letter On The Rat Race

As my family and friends approach Thanksgiving and Christmas and New Years in another part of the world, I approach a small vacation from this strange »


As I sit at this low wooden table in this cafe in Saigon, Southern Vietnam and try to pen the first few words of a blog »